Saturday, June 30, 2012

The beginning of a new BLOG

Hello Friends!
So... I finally did it.  Created a new blog.  WHEW 
Trying to decide on a NAME was the hardest.  Something easy to remember, yet something that pleased all of us... meaning myself, my hubs, and my daughter!
This BLOG is going to be about all of our PROJECTS.  I think you will be surprised!  I'll show you an inkling of what will be featured here... mind you, this is just an INKLING!  I will be sharing 'old' and 'new'... as I have not yet shared MANY projects that we have already done!  So bear with me...
it's the BEGINNING!

These are just a tiny FEW of our past projects... I've not yet downloaded recent projects from my camera!  Let THIS motivate me!  And hopefully YOU!  You too... can DO THIS. 

Here's to a beginning... I will do my best to keep projects coming...