Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Back! And with a cute little desk re-do!

I cannot believe how long it's been since I've posted.
 Oh my gosh!
But so much has happened since the last post... my life was a little crazy for awhile.
My new job at Hobby Lobby wasn't working out like we'd hoped.
So we decided to MOVE!  Back to Oregon.
It was a huge huge step for us.
So we packed, and sold lots of our 'stuff'...
and still worked trying to stay above water.
On November 13th, I turned in my resignation to the manager.
and to my surprise, the very next day, he offered me a full-time 'lead' position to keep me!
I was shocked!
It came with a substantial raise, not to mention more hours,
it was a dream come true for me.
I LOVE the store and the company.
Love the people I work with... and the management.
So, Terry and I discussed the 'sharp U-Turn' in our lives... and decided to go with it!
So we are still in AZ, still in our little home, still in the 'boonies'.

What with selling so much of our stuff...
one of the items was a CUTE, much loved, little desk and chair set.
A good friend of mine bought it... Gina.
And I tell you... she is AMAZING!
She got right on to re-finishing it.

This photo shows the desk in it's state before the re-finishing.
(It's at her house!)
The desk used to have a raised border/edge at the back... 
I had torn it off a long time ago.

She and her husband spent several hours sanding it.
They did an amazing job... much more than I would've done, 
'cause I'm much more lazy! ha
Next, she applied the black base coat...
It's getting cuter...
but you will be thrilled when you see what she did next!
It's a 'pencil yellow'... sooo cute and fun!

Then... she sanded it in just the right places.
Isn't it amazing?
Her little boy uses it for his homework.

You gotta check out the knobs... they are from Hobby Lobby.
It's a little map!

So here's the before and after photo:
How cute is that?

Gina, YOU are amazing!!!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Love ya.

So, yes, I'm back... and yes, I have many things to share.
Stuff I did before the big [not] move.
We are still 'moving back in'... still have some stuff in boxes... still trying to figure out where to put stuff.
We sold so much... and I don't want to buy anything.
I'll share more on another post soon!

Thanks for visiting!