Thursday, April 11, 2013

Problems here... ~sigh~

Hello my friends!
Yep, I've been having lots of problems.
Now my printer that I put my SD card in from my camera...
won't connect with my computer.
That's just ONE of my 'problems'.
Hence, though, NO postings.
I just can't do it without photos!

Although... I will share a photo or two with you,
of what I managed to transfer over before all my troubles!

This was going to be a cool post BEFORE Easter.
Sharing with you, some darling bunnies
my hubs cut for me, and I painted.
I even had/have lots of extras to SELL.
It came to an abrupt halt... for without photos... you can't show!    
But I do have these few photos!
I'll show all of it later... very late for Easter...

This one is a little semi-carved Bunnie. 
It's $15 and is 4.75" tall and 4" wide.
The next three are the 'same'...yet different 'finishes'.
I put the little paper 'ruler' behind to give an idea how big they are.

 My good friend here in AZ claimed this polka dot bunnie.

This one has a bit more 'carved' look...
and a different painted style.  
Because of the dimensional carving on it, it's $25. 

This was the last picture I managed to upload to the computer.
I was playing around with some embossing on burlap...
thinking I'd try to 'win' some of Tim Holtz' goodies.
But... as you know... no photos, no... nothing. 

This little guy is $15 

So there you have it.
Meanwhile... we have been super BUSY!
I have so much to share... never a 'dull' moment around here.
My hubs and I have been doing a bunch of changes on our house.
Making it cottage looking and cute.
Our friend will be coming over soon, to hopefully restore my
picture uploading ability... and 'cleaning up' my poor computer.
Sadly, I'm just ignorant when it comes to the internal workings of computers!  Usually I leave all that to my youngest son, who is in Oregon... far far away from me.  

Thanks for visiting!

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