Monday, March 18, 2013

Scrapbooking ~ Fun Colors!

It's been overdue.
I know.
It's just that LIFE has a tendency to get in the way.
(you can read below... why, if you want)
I've really enjoyed doing this layout...
and I really love the way it turned out!
Even though LIFE has gotten in the way...
I still escape to my ROOM.
(Someday I'll share it with you!)

So here's the layout...
it's of my daughter and her family...
they did a 'photo shoot' with another couple and their family!

I'm really having trouble getting good photos.
Don't know if it's my camera or???
IF I get a better pix than now, I will change it!
(and remove this remark!)


I've used mostly OLD stuff.
Some new... some paper from Teresa Collins is newer.
And the sequin arrow from Heidi Swapp.
All the other stuff... OLD from my [never-ending] stash.
Love it none-the-less!   
         Another close-up:
 And the last close-up!

Yeah... it makes me happy!

re: my 'life gets in the way issue'.
I'm a deaf girl.  I have a cochlear implant on one side.  It really really HELPS a lot... to 'make' me hear better, but I'm still not a hearing person.  There is SO MUCH that I miss out on hearing all the time. And sometimes it just really gets to me.  I work in a grocery store, as a checker.  And all day in and day out, people are talking to me.  It becomes exhausting to me to constantly try and figure out what the heck they are saying.  SOME people speak very plainly and look at me, which I love, and it makes it easy.  But MOST do not.  They mumble, they talk too fast, they might not have teeth!, they have heavy accents, they cover their faces, they talk on the side of me that has NO implant, and thus there is NO hearing them at all, and more.  Sometimes one will be talking to me, going on and on... and I'm literally staring at them, trying SO hard to figure out what the heck is coming out of their mouth!  And ... I can't understand a thing... and the more they talk, the more I'm lost!  Then, when they are done, they are looking at me expectantly, waiting for a response!  What does one answer to ... [something unknown]?  Sometimes I just kinda laugh and say... 'ha' ... sometimes I nod... and sometimes I kinda look blank at them and ... I dunno what I do.  Truly.  Some people are MEAN.  They are even MEAN when I tell them 'I'm sorry, I can't hear very well'.  And some people are meaner... when they YELL at me, thinking THAT will help??? NOT.  Yelling only makes it harder for me to understand, and embarrasses me and makes me hurt and angry.  Sometimes I get 'rude' back... and sometimes I shy down for the rest of the day.  Depends on how bad they do it, and how bad I feel that day.  So, I get really really TIRED.  Tired of working SO hard all day long day after day to understand all the different people.  It is never easy for me.  It takes extreme concentration to 'hear' above all the noise that is happening around me.  It embarrasses me to stare at them (especially men).  It embarrasses me to say the wrong thing.  It's not EASY to 'just hear' like hearing people seem to be able to do. 
So it all adds up to I get wiped out.  Can't do it anymore.  Don't want to do it anymore.  And I break down.  Cry.  Get hurt.  Yeah, and feel sorry for myself...
But... on the 'bright side' of all of this is that over the few years I've done this,  I HAVE learned to hear better.  I CAN finally 'separate' the multitude of sounds better.  I can listen to people better without staring at them every second.  I can now switch my 'ear' (cochlear ear) from hearing all the sounds, to just the phone, and hear on the phone better, then switch it back... much much easier.  It's tricky, 'cause I can't hear ANYTHING else when I'm on the phone!  And I thrill at the fact that I can do it!  It's amazing to me every day.  So, even though it is very difficult and very exhausting, I have learned so much.  And I'm very very grateful for the implant that has made it POSSIBLE.  Possible that I, a VERY VERY deaf girl, can BE a checker.  Not that I want to BE a checker... but sometimes one has to do what one doesn't wanna do.  RIGHT?
That's my ... 
"LIFE gets in the way" thing.

thanks for visiting!

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