Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chainsaw Carving - Mr. Owl

My hubs is a chainsaw carver.
He used to do huge items... in Oregon.
But there are very few [huge] logs here!
So he does more smaller items... and this one is done with cyprus.
It stands about 10.5" tall, and the diameter is just 3.5"!
And yes... it IS done with a chainsaw!
It's pretty amazing watching him.

 Do you wonder how he does it???
Pretty detailed, huh?
He does the tiny detail work with a dremel.

Neat looking wood!

 Notice all the tiny 'bug' holes?

 Everything together... gives Mr. Owl character!

 Full of personality, right?
He's a chubby little owl.

Even his claws... are detailed!

I think his face says:
'How can you not love me???' 

I sure do love him [the owl]!
My hubs does these amazing carvings...
I getta 'love' 'em for a bit, and 'claim' them for myself every time...
but, soon...
I gotta give 'em up.

thanks for visiting!

PS: my hubs said..."awwwwww, poor danella!' 

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