Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Four Season's Table Decor

I recently did the decor for a Church Enrichment Meeting...
the 'Un-Birthday Party'.
We wanted the sister's to sit with [others]... so we chose to seat them with those in their birth season,
so they'd get to know someone new!

So I did the Four Season's decor...
with little month banners showing where they 'belonged'.
It was great fun...
and I always love doing this sort of thing.
(and yeah... I know I always [have] to go all out)

When you walked in this is what you saw:
it made a nice, cozy group!

I'm lucky enough to have a daughter... that 'loves me'... and loans me her wedding decor!
Hence the tablecloths and chair ties!

The first table was SUMMER.
I did not buy anything.  I used what I had around the house... mine and some from Kari.
lucky for me, my hubs is always [happy!] to make stuff for me. LOL
For this, he made the wooden flip flops and the mason candle jar holders.

This is the other side of that table...
My hubs made the little wooden tote box.

The next table was WINTER
My hubs didn't [have] to make anything...
I had an up-cycled cabinet door I found...
and painted it as a chalkboard! (It's on the table, with the stuff on it)

Here is the other side.
It was important that it didn't look like Christmas... just WINTER!

The next table was SPRING.
I borrowed my daughter's cake plate for this one!

Everything else I had!
I have a LOT of white accessories.
I find that I can use them in a multitude of ways... just by adding some color!

The next and last table was FALL.
 This one was very woodsy... and natural.
My hubs made the little owl!

This is the other side.

We had a great turnout at this event.
We had several skits...
that were quite entertaining!
THANKS to all who participated!

thanks for visiting!

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