Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun BOY layouts!

I have more layouts to share with you!
I actually did these several weeks ago, 
not too long after I 'discovered' Heidi Sonboul.
I actually made TWO of EACH of these layouts.  Yep...
so I could give one each to the two cousins.
They were fun, at least, so they didn't drive me cRaZy.

It all started when the cousins were looking at all the
wacky ways Picassa could edit the photos.
They were laughing SO hard... it was funny to see them.
So I wanted to incorporate that for them.
Luckily, I happened to have TWO of the large filmstrips
that would hold three of the photos!
So I went to work:

Below you can see the filmstrip!
It 'went' with this so good. 
(sorry my photos are not better...)

 These boys hit off so good... it was the first time they met...
and it was like they have known each other forEVER.

Underneath the top photo:

Is another... REAL photo of the boys.

I had more photos... so decided to do another layout:
I got the IDEA for this layout from one Heidi Sonboul did.
(Click HERE to see hers!)
More views:
I'm actually HOPING that the boys will write on these tags..
their memory and thoughts about this visit!

That 'tape' you see?
It's old... from Heidi Swapp!  
This was long before washi tape...

So now... I've given the cousin here his...
I just gotta mail the other set to the other cousin!
Along with a BUNCH of other stuff I gotta do for them...
But it's ALL FUN.

thanks for visiting!

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