Saturday, June 29, 2013

An AMAZING 'Alice in Wonderland' Party!

My daughter is amazing in decorating for parties and weddings.
Her daughter turned 6... and wanted an
'Alice in Wonderland Tea Party'.

She searched on Pinterest for ideas...
and this is what she came up with
(with a bit of help from me!)

Prepare to be amazed!
(photo heavy!)

Welcome to Wonderland
 After greeting the girls...
they got to hold a real live bunny!
We took photos of each child holding a bunny in the chair:
They were all SO CUTE!
Then, into Wonderland...
The children were entertained by coloring some fun
Alice in Wonderland printed pages.
the details:

Details of the 'junk bow'

They were served a drink:
and then...
the TEA PARTY right out the door:

I caught the Mad Hatter (a really cute one!) preparing the tea party!

After they ate and ate...
they went around the corner,
to visit the Queen's rose painting party!

It turned out 
So fun and memorable.

thanks for visiting!

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