Friday, June 28, 2013

A NEW (to me) favorite scrapper!

I forget how I 'found' this girl...
Heidi Sonboul
OH MY GOSH... she is amazing!
love her layouts and style...
She has $2 online classes... YES!  Just $2!
And I'm telling you, they are well worth every penny!
I've 'bought' the first four...
and actually done the first two...
and they make me:

FIRST, I want to give you her LINK.
Go HERE, and you will find her first class:
(right now, there is a weird... I dunno thing on it, hopefully, it will be fixed!)

And here is MY version of the class!!!
I used some paper that I've had for awhile...
that just happened to work for the class...AND the photos!
(lucky me)

 I had a LOT of photos... 
So I made the main photo into a little flip album:

And I added the little 'mini book' right behind's glued on!!!  
 I used my Bind It All to attach a little 1/2"spiral to bind the photos.
 Heidi shows you how to make the CUTE flower!

 Peek inside the mini book:

 It's about our grand-daughter... and a hike we went on,
when she was 2... and she kept looking for 'frower's'.


 THEN, I just finished the 2nd class!

Heidi is 'famous' for her layers and layers of papers.
I LOVE paper too... so this has been GREAT fun for me!
(especially out here... in 'nowhere town'... with NO scrapping stores!)
And, as a bonus... she 'helps' with COLORS!
She has 'made' me step out of my normal zone...

Without further ado:

 Now I bet you wanna just JUMP right over to her blog!
Here's the LINK for her 2nd class:
(click on 'LINK')

Notice the BEAUTIFUL teal blue paper... 
in ombre tones.  She teaches you HOW!!!
[You'll be shocked!]

I didn't follow [her] colors ... BUT ... 
it is, sorta... and again, outside my 'box'.
Don't you LOVE it??? 

 One last up close photo...

You gotta check out her blog.
She even has a BOOK with tons of layouts, 
a part of the 'Signature Series'.
I WANT ONE so bad.

OK... go check her out!
You're gonna love her.

Thanks for visiting!

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