Monday, June 3, 2013

An AMAZING Pirate Girl!!!

Yes.  I've been NOT doing this blogging like I should.
And YES.  I've been still DOING a LOT of projects!
Sometimes I drive myself a bit crazy...
but you know what?
I'm much HAPPIER when I do [lots of] stuff!
So I DO.

First... I want to share with you this amazing Pirate Girl.
My [creative] daughter helped on this project.
A family that lives near her, go to San Diego every year,
and participate in a fantastic multi-family
They wanted an over the top pirate outfit for their daughter, Lauren.
You will see an outfit that will thrill you!!!

Kari is the EYE of this.
She is SO CREATIVE and so good at putting THINGS together!
She can really SEE the end result.
She went to local thrift stores and found the base pieces.
I did all the sewing, altering, and the bloomers.
The STAR of these photos is LAUREN!
She is so cute, and just 10 years old!!!
Are you ready???

 Notice all the FUN authentic looking details.
No 'silly' costumey piratey things here.

I even altered the bandana to work 'right'.

Notice the authentic looking brooch!
It's so realistic. 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend???
Shows that she's quite the successful pirate!


Details of the skirt area.

 She flaunts her treasures... no one gets in her way!!!
Don't 'cha wonder what that key is to?

 The bloomers!

 Don't you love the striped socks with the bloomers and boots?
 Isn't the detailed top skirt intricate and detailed?

Notice all the tulle under the pink skirt?
Yes, I added all of it! 

 I made the 'leather' bag... it too, contains DIAMONDS!!!

Just details.
 The vest I remade... so that it LACED UP!

Here's Kari (my daughter)... helping Lauren with a pose.

Isn't she amazing???

 What a cutie.

And last, but not least...
the BACK of the outfit!

thanks for visiting!

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