Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wooden Calendar Holder

I saw a calendar holder on Pinterest that I fell in love with.
(I don't know how to show images from PINTEREST... but here's my version.)

You can find my PIN here.
You can go to Jen's site HERE.

OK. Now for mine!
I had hubs make it for me.
(he hates it, I think, when I do wood cutting myself... that's ok!)

I have it sitting on my [NEW!] kitchen chair rail ledge...
that I haven't shown you yet. 
(You will LOVE it... it's all made of UPcycled materials!!!)

A close-up of the calendar:
(I make all my stuff in Microsoft Publisher)

I made the calendar BASE...
which I will reprint for EACH month.
I left the top empty... so I could PLAY!!!

I WISH I had a jar full of Washi Tape... 
but since I don't, I just used a bunch of summery papers...
for the background.

Over the top... I put an [old] flower trim by Bazzill...
and added the eyelets to brighten it up in a fun way!

This was SO FUN and QUICK to do!
Love It!!!

I can't wait to do more months...
(hopefully I can keep up.  Actually I have a motivator: I use it to put my work hours on it!)

thanks for visiting!

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