Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cabinet Door Chalkboard

I found this cabinet door at a dump site we go to.
It's not a 'garbage' dump in the sense 
that it has wood 'garbage that they shred.
(long story)

We find some great 'treasures' here now and again.

I sanded it well... and filled in the knob hole with wood filler.
It was heavy!  oh my gosh...

Then I sprayed painted primer, then white matt paint on the edges.
Then taped that off when it was dry, and spray painted
chalkboard paint in the middle!  
[I did discover that I like painted on chalkboard paint much better than sprayed on]
And of course, distressed the edges a bit.
I also drilled two small holes in the corner, to tie a cute bow!
(It can be changed out.)

I gave it to a good friend of mine for her 'baby gift'!

Cute, fun and easy.

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