Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Mantel

So... here's my mantel that I've had up all summer!
I can't believe I'm so far behind, that I'm just now getting around
to sharing it.

This is the wall that you see when you walk in the front door.
(Although.. no one EVER uses the front door!)

Details of the Mantel decor:

 Yes, I or Terry made or upcycled everything you see here.
I've shown the owl(s) before... still LOVE them!
Terry made (i painted) the houses late last year.

Oh yeah!  I got the red lantern at Ikea several years ago.  
I 'stole' it from my bedroom!
I drew, and Terry cut out, and I 'decorated' the 
little wooden flip flops.
(don't you love 'em?)

 Just a bunch of fun things!

This is the table top decor on the TV table Terry made.
I planned and Terry cut out the little mason jar stands.
Terry also made the little wooden box for me!
Everything else are up-cycled 'found' things.
And yes, I made the whirligigs.

I've had this old quilt star for years.
I thought it looked fun in the old jar!

Summer is about over.
Guess I gotta change out my mantel for fall now.
Fun never stops, huh?

thanks for visiting!

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