Monday, September 2, 2013

The White Dining Set

My daughter picked up this dining room set,
including 6 chairs, the hutch, 2 leaves, and a dry sink
at a garage sale for just $250!

It is in excellent shape, with beautiful curvy lines.
You can see the original dark finish on the hutch..
of which we still have to paint.
Kari re-did and painted the dry sink...I'll have to share it later.
(it's in her living room)

We painted the table set and re-covered the chairs
a few weeks ago.  It was hard work, as it was HOT!

This is walking into the dining area.

It was such a HUGE difference!
The table set was so dark... and the white just brightened it up!
Made it such a happy bright space.

We love the chairs.
So pretty and curvy...

And oh yeah!
The cushions... Kari found the fabric... we re-covered the cushions.
And we jumped up and down... and squealed!!!
love them!!!

The view from the kitchen: 
You can really see how dark the table set was,
via the hutch.

Don't you love Kari's collage walls?
She is such a pro at this.

Here's a close-up of the goodies in her hutch.
She is just so talented when it comes to putting stuff together.

The chair again... notice the finely detailed distressing?
Gives them that extra neat looking little touch.

And... Kari made these beautiful slip covers for these chairs!
(I tried a year+ ago... and failed miserably... so sad)

And a final picture of her beautiful, updated, stylish dining room set!

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