Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Christmas Home Reveal... part 1

It's getting closer to Christmas day by day.
And we still have so much to do!
we are done with decorating our home.

I'm sharing the decor in parts...
as there is just too much for one post.
Today, the dining room wall.

Since everyone is a 'friends use the back door' guest...
(our house is turned around on our property, don't ask me why...
so that the back of the home is the first part you see...
so everyone uses the back door to come in.

So this is the first part you see when you come into our home.
(the pictures are only gonna show the wall!  Not the dining room table, etc.)

 We made or up-cycled almost everything you see!
Our daughter gave us the Nativity years ago.
Terry cut the trees this year.
I drew, he cut.
He used some cedar boards leftover from other projects.

The stars we either made or already had.
The big one, that I LOVE, we made from a project that
Holly from Down to Earth Style shows on her blog.
I LOVE her blog and her ideas.
 (if you click on the highlighted text, it will take you straight to the instructions of how to make the star!)
 We hung the cool branch to hooks towards the ceiling...


Terry made the chalkboard some time ago.
I change out the lettering/signing here and there.
This lettering I found on Pinterest.
You can find it on my Pinterest, under Christmas Wishes.
(unfortunately, I can't find the original... I'll have to keep hunting)
I loved it. And it was perfect for what I was looking for.
So I simply propped it up near my computer,
and copied the lettering with chalk, of course!

Then, the TREE.
I LOVE this tree!
I didn't know what I was going to think, when I was making it.
But, when I was done...
oh my!

Terry, of course, found the branches, and cut them, and wired 'em together.
I covered the wire with jute...
then added the cardinals that I had taken out of our old tree.
...and the moss and berries.
Terry cut the star for me.
And the pot, we got on a clean-up that Terry did...for FREE...
I painted it, and added the velvet ribbon.
Such FUN!
The 'candles', Terry cut, and drilled the holes for the battery operated tea lights.
Cute, huh?

Come back for a visit tomorrow, and I'll share Part 2!
thanks for visiting!

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