Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Christmas Home Reveal - Part 4

It's been a whole week.  I can hardly believe it.
We did the Church Christmas Party on Tuesday (Dec. 11)...
which took us the whole day.
I was even painting one of my tables THAT DAY.
(cRaZy woman)
Then after... the afterMATH... giant mess.
I had taken down a bunch of my decor to use,
so I had to put it all back...
AND I ended up giving my daughter the NOEL that I had made...
so I had to redo the mantel a bit.
AND... clean up the house, do the dishes, work, and ... 
well, I'm sure you all get the picture, huh?

So, here it is a week after my last post.
I'm off today, AND today is our grandson's birthday...
wait til I share with you what we made for him!!!

But I'm finally sitting here at my desk, continuing the showing of our Christmas Home.

This is our 'mantel' that's not really a 'real' mantel, but it serves as one.
We made the shelf with reclaimed wood from,
you won't believe it, but from a blown down, destroyed old pump house!
Yeah... really!
It just happened to have some BEAUTIFUL old torn up wood that was too nice to toss.
So... we made it into our mantel.

 Told ya the wood was beautiful!
See the 'window' frame above?
It's not a window frame!!!
Terry did a 'clean-up' job one time, which included a 'broken' bathroom vanity.
He saved the wood... and it sat outside for a long time.
I 'found' the was the front framing for the vanity... OAK.
All washed out and faded... 
I simply dry-brushed a bit of white paint, and voila!
(I LOVE free the best, you know)

Below are DETAILS

 I LOVE the twig tree.
Terry made it.
 The twigs are slid unto a heavy wire that he cut from another 'throw-away' piece.
He made the star.

Below is the 'NOEL' that I made.
All from scrap pieces of wood... old stuff.
Terry cut it all for me (he just can't handle it, ME cutting you know)
I painted a small vine wreath black, and added the holiday decor that I already had on hand.
I ended up adding a base to it, to take it to the Christmas Party.
The base was a drawer front from the aforementioned bathroom cabinet! 

 NOW, since I gave the NOEL to my daughter, 
I had to substitute something in the 'spot'.
I added a picture of the Nativity to my magnet stand,
and Terry had made the cute little trees,
and... I found an old cheese server with the glass dome,
that I painted, distressed, and added a metal candleholder to the bottom!
It is SO cute!

More details...

And last,
Here is a picture of the whole wall, with our 'entertainment' table below.

Thanks for visiting!


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