Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Home Christmas Reveal - Part 2

Today, I'll share the living room window wall.
Our home is small.
Just not a lot of space/walls/windows to do much.
Gotta keep it simple?
(me, simple???)

This wall shows our TREE!
It's a small alpine that I got from Craft Warehouse YEARS ago.
I sold our big white frosted one last year.
It was just too big for the house and us.

So, coming around the corner from the dining room,
you see this:

I've collected icicles for many years.
They are all glass.
Those and snowflake ornaments are about the only items that I buy.
None this year though.

We had to really think how to show the icicles off.
So I ended up taking the curtains down,
[which, now I never want to put 'em up again!]
And putting a beautiful branch that Terry had on the curtain rod holders.
It worked fantastic!
...and was perfect for hanging the icicles.
We added lights around the window to make the icicles sparkle.

The Christmas sign I made this year.
Found the style on Pinterest.
(You can find the pin here.)
(Pinterest won't 'let me' go back to the link...)
Searched for, and found some lettering that I liked,
printed it out ... outline only... and after transferring it to the board, I painted it.
Quick and easy.
The board was an old one, already painted white and distressed!

And the little TREE.

Terry carved the cute bear a few years ago.
It's about all we have left of his carvings... I keep trying to KEEP it, 'cause I love him!
The log came from our 'old' dining room table that we no longer have.
(I will share the 'new' table soon)
And Terry also made the cute birdhouse you see!
The little 'gift' at the bottom, is something I had bought years ago.
It's a box, and I love it.

The sweet angel bear!

Lastly, the details of the little tree.

...and close-up.

Tomorrow I will share our 'mantle'.
We don't have a fireplace, or even a fake one.
But a big beautiful shelf, YES!

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