Friday, December 21, 2012

The Birthday Gift

As I mentioned, I would share the gift we made for our grandson.
Actually my hubs made it!  All I did was purchase the two race cars.
The cars were purchased at Fry's (part of Kroger) here in town.
They were just under $5 each.  
They are the type that you pull back, and let go,and they zoom on their own.
The assortment at the store has several different types of COOL cars to choose from.
(I, of course, want to get a BUNCH of 'em over time!)

I left for work one day, with 'instructions' to Terry to make something that would work!
It had to be made outta wood, not cost anything, have sides so the cars wouldn't fall off,
have an END, be long enough and wide enough to fit both cars to RACE.
By the time I came home, he was done!
It was SO FUN for us two to play... then came the test of the kiddos.
Would they like it?

The idea was to pull back from the second 'line' (red duct tape!)
to the first line, which was the starting line. 

You can see the 'excitement'... I think we were successful.

The kiddos were so cute.
Here are some cool details of the RACE.

Neck to Neck... they GO!

RED BULLET is getting AHEAD!!!

It was a tight... nose to nose race,

 Here they are, coming back for another race!

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