Saturday, November 17, 2012

A bit of Thanksgiving and Being Grateful

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner.
Another year.  Full of fun and adventure and love!
I wanted to show you just a tiny part of my fall...
I have a little shelf on my dining room wall.  It's the one I change most often
I really love this one.

Yes, I either made or re-did just about everything you see!
The little shelf used to be dark green.  
I spray paint everything!...and 'shabby' it too.
The box used to be just stained wood.  I've had it forEVER...
The candlestick was BRASS... I sprayed it much better!
The pumpkin is from Target, yeah, I did buy it for a mere $2!

The little stand, I've been making them for some friends and family.
They are SO easy! 

Here it is without the little note:
They are simple to do, I had my hubs cut the three boards,
I found the little spindles (a craft store or woodworking store should have them)
and I constantly am on the lookout for [used] wooden candlesticks.
I HOT glue 'em all together, take it outside, spray paint it BLACK,
then WHITE(or whatever color I want, I will show you others in a later post)
Sand 'em a bit.
Then I found the little pre-cut metal sheets at Home Depot near the gutter supplies!
VERY in-expensive!
Then used little tack nails (so cute!), and a bit of HOT glue on the back to hold it,
and tack the metal on!
The little GEM you see is HOT glued on a little round magnet.

 Every month I go Visiting Teaching.
I visit a few ladies, and share a spiritual 'message'.
This one is one that I 'needed' also, about spending TIME with others.
Not to be rushing about so, that we forget what's important in life.
A story was told about one who worked with the terminally ill, 
what ONE thing do they wish they did?
Almost unanimously, it was:
"I wish I spent more TIME with those that I love"

Here it is closer...

 ...and of the top part.

I simply made this with cardstock, papers from the Teresa Collins line,
clocks from Heidi Swapp (they are older)
and various gems and buttons.
Yeah, I make one for each of the ladies.

Then, last, but not least:

The 'Welcome Fall' I made from 2x4 blocks of wood... no special length..
I cut out the pumpkin from Bazzil paper, added some paint to make it look better,
and the letters are some old cardstock letters I had that I painted!
Added some background paper...
A few leaves and all ..
and voila!
Something really CUTE.

I will share what I am GRATEFUL for in a later message.

thanks for visiting!


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