Thursday, November 15, 2012

Does time fly???

I just cannot believe that my one and only post on this NEW blog was in JUNE!  Wholly cow!  What the heck???  Well, I've turned over a new leaf.  I'm back and better.  Ready to roll.  I have SO MUCH to share!  So I know, I really gotta get going!  

It's Thanksgiving next week. Already.  Can't believe it!  I'm not gonna share Thanksgiving just yet though.  Instead, I'm gonna share my jump start on Christmas.  I'm making ornaments right now.  Having a blast doing 'em.  And I hope to motivate YOU!  My key is EASY.  I hate for things to be complicated.  To take too long.  

My Christmas colors are changing this year.  I tried the teal blues for the last few years.  Here's a pix of my tree and all from the previous few years:
 It's so funny, looking back.  Geesh.  I sold the tree last year. SAD story that one.  I sold it, had the cash in my work pocket, and LOST it!  Can you believe it?  Talk about upset. 

But I miss my RED.  I LOVE red.  So back to red... and white and black!  Yes, black.  Trust me, it looks wonderful!  

Here's what I've done SO FAR:

I've had a bunch of frosted ornaments...forEVER.  I finally decided it's TIME!
First, I didn't want GOLD tops. ugh  (for me)
 So I painted them BLACK!
 Then the ornaments I made with the frosted glass balls.

 ...and a little bit closer...

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 This one is made with Washi Tape from Tim Holtz.  So easy!
Then a 'junk' bow.
 This one was already glittered.  I simply added the rhinestones and the bow on top.
The tip of the ornament I covered with ribbon, as it wouldn't come out.

This one I made by mod podging strips of scrapbook paper around and around.
Then a cute bow on top!

This one I simply added some Snow Tex to the top along with some heavy glitter.
Then added a jute bow. 

This one I painted with Black Chalkboard spray paint!
Then added a ribbon with HOT glue, along with a rhinestone.
Then a little bow at the top.

 This one I added Washi Tape from 7 Gypsies.
Then a bow on the top.

 ...and this one, last but not least:
I printed some Christmas words/sayings
on plain typing paper.
Then misted with some Walnut Ink thinned out with water.
Then cut out several strips, and mod podged to the ball.
Then the cute little bow.
I LOVE this one!

 I've only shown you a FEW of what I've been making!  I'm using an OLD little alpine from Craft Warehouse.  I finally took off all the decor that Jan had put on years ago!  I loved it so!  But time for a change.  I will post photos of the tree on a later post.  And share all the other ornaments, in hope that YOU get inspired to FINALLY make those ornaments you've always wanted to make!  TOO FUN!  

I am not savvy with blogging 'how to's', so if you would like a copy of the Christmas Words, I would be happy to email a PDF of it to you!  (I don't know how else to do this, so I hope I don't go crazy with it!)

I'm back.
Thank you my friends, for being patient
and for PUSHING me to 


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