Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Part 2 - The OREGON Room

Today, you'll see the finished room.
We decided to do a room featuring our beloved state of Oregon.
We are living in Arizona now... but missing it terribly.
So in making our plans about how to 'do the room', we decided, since we have STUFF already for it, and we miss Oregon so much, why not have a little bit of it here?
So, here it is.
The Oregon Room!

The above picture is what you see when you walk into the [very tiny] room.

The bed is built ON a dresser, with framework on the walls, to hold the mattress.
It works great.  Saves a ton of room, [in the tiny room] and gives a lot of storage!

Here is to the side a bit, showing details.

A close-up of the wonderful wood and a cool stick 
Terry found outside, that we added a few elements to.

A close-up of the little bird that Terry carved a while back.
It worked perfect in this room!

Next, I HAD to have 'my' owl post.  I have such fond memories associated with it.
It sat outside here for nearly three years here in Arizona
Not to mention the five years it was outside on our deck in Oregon!
I brought it in, and LOVED the grayed wood with the greenish boards behind it.
You can see on the left side bottom, where we ran out of the wall boards.
Terry came up with the idea to make a little 'fence' with some old fence boards we had.
And notice too the closet doors. I HATED the closet (to the left) being too bright WHITE.  
So I painted them!

This is the pillow up close.  I had the fabric squares for years.
They were in the little collection packet.  They just happened to MATCH!
I couldn't believe it!
I needed pillows, and I had just enough squares... like EXACTLY... to make two pillow shams!

They were easy... after piecing them together, and placing them on some thin batting,
with a backing... I simply stitched diagonally across the squares.
Then assembled it into the sham.

Remember the plain stained cabinet???
I told you watch for huge changes?
I painted it Hunter Green (same as the wall behind the wood boards)
painted CHALKBOARD PAINT on the doors!

So, do ya think my grandkids love it???
Can you tell???
The top left door has:
To: Mae (that's what they call me... it's Ma [long] e)
From: Becub (I call him that, from when one of his little friends called him that years ago.  So he, bless him, calls himself that for ME... talk about touching my heart.  So sweet and cute!)

Here you can see it, with all the cool STUFF above it!
All the baskets STORE STUFF!
Each and every one.  You all know how much stuff we all have!
You can see my 'old' paperbacks behind the baskets, under the birdhouse...
I don't have enough room in my house to hold all the stuff!
Alot of the 'stuff' is seasonal decor.

The cabinet is on the opposite wall from the bed.
Here is the rest of that wall.
As I mentioned before, we had alot of open seams in the walls where the strips were.
All of those we covered with OLD USED wood, used as battens.

Notice above... the shelving.
We were really trying to be creative in creating storage space.
Thus the beautiful shelving up high.
The ceilings are all sloped, so there are high spaces, with plenty of room to put stuff.
I couldn't just 'junk' it up, you know.  It has to look 'pretty'!

...and a few details...

Just to the left, you can see a carved tree.  I did it... or most of it!
Really!  Terry is a chainsaw carver, and I wanted to TRY.
I actually did not finish it, I made HIM do it!
But it will be mine forever (I think!)

Then, on the door side of the room;
My favorite little wall cupboard I got from Craft Warehouse years ago.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cupboard!
... and, a cedar chest that my mother's twin brother made before I was born.
I don't have much from my family, so I treasure the chest.
BUT.  It was SO ... oh my... 'messy' looking.
I finally decided to sand it, and paint the bottom part.
The top I worked on for awhile, and got all the old stain and varnish off!
It's SO much more beautiful without that junk on it.
I plan on waxing it. (It's not done yet.)

Here's a close-up of the cupboard on the wall.

 Yes, I made the little quilt, years ago. 
All the cute little accents and lamp are from our home in Oregon.

 The cedar chest with a 'gnome home' that Terry made for me for my birthday.
I love it... and finally found a good 'home' for it on this table...
but as a 'bear home'!

Then, the window wall.
Terry completely tore out the old white trim,
and replaced it with re-claimed wood!
SO much better!
(He has done this with other windows in our house, only using his beloved cedar!)

Terry made the little table set for the grandkids when they came to visit us in Oregon.
They were thrilled (and remembered it!) when they saw we had it here in Arizona!
...and they use it all the time. 

...and last but not least.
Our ceiling light.
We don't have a 'hook-up' for a ceiling light in this house.
But we wanted one!
My daughter gave me this really cool light... I LOVE it.
Terry cut (again and again to fit it right) a large BRANCH to hold the light,
and run from wall to wall. 
It's fantastic!
It looks like a branch is growing into the room from outside.

...and the details:

 The other side of the room.

 ...and that's all folks!

We had a week of so much FUN...and hard work doing this room.
Yes, we finished most of it in ONE WEEK.

What do ya think?
I know we are 'different' than the 'norm' ... of the whole house 'matching'.
Not us. 
Life is short.
Meant to be enjoyed.
We LOVE color and 'themes' and fun times.

thank you all for visiting!

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