Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm going to share a HUGE project that Terry and I did for our 'vacation' this year.
We couldn't afford to go anywhere, and his daughter was coming to visit us here in AZ for the first time.  So we decided to completely remodel the third bedroom! What a task!
But we finished, with the help of my daughter who lives here!

First I'll show you the BARE BONES of the room!

When we first moved in, it had STINKY green carpet.

We slept in here while tile was being done in the rest of the house.
This is AFTER we tore out the STINKY carpet and replaced it with a cream.
(I had to spray BLEACH several times over the plywood flooring to get the smell out)

Over the three years we lived here... we had JUNK
(which my daughter helped me go thru one day and sell/donate!)... 
then, a HUGE loft bed that had a 'play' area underneath,
(which my daughter sold)
then just stuff/junk again...
then finally the beginning of a REAL ROOM.

Here's the appropriately blurry picture of the STUFF from the room...
in our living room!  This part always makes me crazy... the MESS

We painted the whole room first, with a Hunter Green on the far wall..

 This window is a HUGE difference from what it turned out like!!!
It's so ugly and boring!
You'll see it re-finished in a later photo!

This cabinet I've lugged around from house to house for years,
and finally it's gonna stay here.
It's a huge fantastic cabinet.  It's just been stained for years.
It's gonna change drastically!

I wanted you to see the [ugly] ceiling/wall edges... it doesn't have to be like that.

This house is a [cheaper] model of a manufactured home.  
They have [ugly] strips over the sheetrock seams instead of mudding them!
We HATE them!
You will see what we did to 'hide' the open seams...

Already, you see the beginning of hiding the wall/ceiling edges.
All the wood we use in this room is RE-CLAIMED.
Terry sanded each one to clean them up... the older they were, the better!

This is the beginning of our favorite wall!
Terry got the wood... already painted/distressed (he cleaned and sanded them also)
from a friend that was throwing it away!!!
First, when we put wood on a wall, we paint the back DARK... in this case Hunter Green.
It looks SO MUCH better behind the gaps in the wood pieces.

After all the painting, and the wood wall...
came the BED.
This is a TINY TINY room.  
I needed storage more than anything.
So I came upon an idea (yeah, outta my head),
to find a long dresser (CHEAP) and use it as a BASE for a twin bed!
So I went on a hunt, and found a cool dresser at ReStores (Habitat for Humanity)
 for just $18!!!  Can you believe it?


The LOOKS of it was PERFECT for our 'woodsey' room.
So I spray painted it Hunter Green, AND sanded it to distress it, of course!

Here you see it (without the drawers) as Terry is working on setting it up for the mattress.
We carefully measured, Terry cut boards, I painted.
He bolted the framework to the WALL on the STUDS.
Can't have it falling you know! 
(We have plywood pieces in place, over the open parts)

Here you see the finished bed!

 We didn't have alot of the old wood, so we brought it down as far as we could,
then when the bed was in place, we added the last pieces to fall just below the top of the bed.
We finished up the side a different [creative] way... I'll show you in a later photo.

The owl post is something that Terry carved for me when we first met, 9 years ago!

 I have to stop this posting.
Check back tomorrow for the fantastic

thanks for visiting,
love ya'll


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