Saturday, November 24, 2012


Did you think I was NEVER gonna show you any scrapbooking projects?
Think again!
I DO still do it.
In fact, recently I completely cleaned and PURGED big time, my craft room.
Took me... ohhh over a WEEK!
My goal was to get rid of one complete bookshelf worth of STUFF.
...and the bookshelf too!
 And I did it.

I'll show you some photos in a later post of the bit more 'airy' room! (ha)

In doing the CLEAN-UP, I came across a LOT of un-finished projects. 
I made a GOAL of getting those finished up.
And this is the beginning of that GOAL.
So, some of the papers and products you will see are older, 
but still much LOVED.

I have had the photo on this layout for YEARS.
It's been hanging around in the open for me to admire!
I finally decided it's TIME to do something with this photo.
I searched on Pinterest for the 'perfect' layout to scraplift from.
And found it!  (It's a layout from the Basic Grey Blog
Look on my Pinterest Board "Scrap - gonna DO NOW" , and you will easily see my inspiration.
 (you can click on the 'Basic Grey Blog' and it will take you to the BG blog to the part where the inspiration is! OR, click on 'Pinterest Board' above, and it will take you to my Pinterest, OR
click on 'inspiration' and it will take you to the picture itself on my board!

I lOvE this layout so much, it's been on my board for months.
I just can't bear to part with it! (I give most layouts to my daughter!)
I used my much loved [old] Basic Grey papers that happened to be perfect for it.
The photo is of my first grandson... SO CUTE!

The next layout is another picture I've had for about three years.
It was one of those 'lucky shots' that just turned out SO CUTE!
(yeah, I repeat myself when it comes to my grandkids!  Don't we all???)

It too, uses older products.  I'm also trying to use up this STUFF I have...
which seems endless, but I love it no less. :)

I did use Heidi Swapp's [newer] banners and sequin heart  though!  
Of course, I still love and follow her adventures.
For those of you that don't know... I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Heidi Swapp.
She is one of my biggest inspirations.
Right now, if you don't know, she has a little 'show' on MY CRAFT CHANNEL.
Check it out... you can click on 'SHOWS', select Heidi Swapp, and ENJOY.

Without further ado, here is the layout...
(I just used the 'inspiration' in my head for this one)

(the big black 'dots' in the upper corners are the magnets holding it on my board...oops)

I'm just finishing up a REALLY COOL project that I think you will LOVE!
It's coming here soon.

thanks you all, for visiting me!


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  1. Loving that heart layout...anything with a heart on it.. thats what I love..