Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Bike Rack

Last year, for Christmas...
my daughter and I were perusing BLOGS
and came across an entry from Heidi Swapp's 
where her hubs was making them a cool bike rack.
(for the life of me, I cannot find that entry)
We decided that we'd have Terry make one for them for their Christmas gift.
So, with using wood we already had 
(we very seldom go BUY something)
Terry made this:

 It's 2-sided.
When I came home from work one day... 
I couldn't believe it!
I dunno, I just didn't think it would be so...
Cool looking?

I thought the top was gonna simply be a 2x4,
but he made a 'table top' so they could put their helmets up there.

Here it is with [our] bikes in it.

Pretty darn nice, huh?

 Soon after, he made one for one of my daughter's friends.
She wanted hers ONE-SIDED and LONG.

This one he kept a lot simpler, to keep the cost down.
...And spaced the slots so the bikes fit in comfortably. 

Then, last, he decided to make one to fit in the back of our pickup.
Ya know how bikes flop around when you are driving along?
This keeps 'em solid!

Now, we just need to GO somewhere,
instead of constantly working. 

...and I gotta get new tires for my bike 
(the gold/tan one) 

I'm gonna be sharing some 'old' projects for a bit,
while we are working [like crazy]
on some new projects for Christmas.

thanks for visiting!


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