Friday, November 16, 2012

Working all day on the computer

I'm illiterate when it comes to blogging!
It's been a long time, and they've changed it all, and I can't figure it out!

I'm still working on a header... It's made, but can't get it uploaded to Picassa.  Or this.

But hang in there... it's coming!

I wanted to share some more ornaments for this year.
Didn't do any today, but I did do something else that I'll share.

This is the little Alpine that I took all the 'old stuff' off of, but left the cute berries.

 I made these ornaments with die cut stars and hearts...that I've had forever.
I covered 'em with scrapbook paper, and glittered the edges.
My sweet daughter helped me out!

This is what one looks like on the cute little tree!

Then, I had some very old styrofoam balls. 
It's funny, 'cause I've only wanted to do these for 7 years!
Why oh why do we wait forever???
They were so simple and fast.
And they are so dang CUTE!
I simply wrapped burlap and fabric strips(that I tore!) around the balls.
Tied a knot at the bottom of a piece of jute.. and pushed it into the ball
with a bit of HOT glue and a large upholstery tack (painted black of course!)

Then, back to the frosted glass balls, that I have TONS of:
I ... no actually my daughter did it first...
we spray painted some with CHALKBOARD spray paint!
Easy??  oh yeah
Then I wrote (fast...and albeit kinda messy...may have to re-do 'em?)
... thinking about Christ words...
to remember, what Christmas is all about. 

The last picture, but not the least...
is a peek showing of the tree! 

 It's gonna be STUFFED when I'm done.

thanks, friends!
For visiting me.

I have to put my tree stuff aside,
I will be sharing some other projects...
as I get moving on projects for Christmas!
It's right around the corner.
...and we don't buy anything... we make it all.
So we better get busy!

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