Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Beginning of Christmas

This is something we've always wanted to do for Christmas.
And now, due to being asked to decorate for a Christmas Party at our Church,
we are finally doing it!

These pictures are outside on a bright sunny day.
Inside, they will look a lot different, and I will share it with you.

Yes, a Stable and Manger.
Perfect for Christmas. 

Details of the front, top.
We used OLD wood that Terry has collected since we've been here in Arizona. 
The Arizona sun works as art on wood, making it look very old.

The back.  Originally, it was just going to be an 'X' brace,
but Terry decided to this instead!
And I'm so glad he did.  It looks so much better, and provides a beautiful backdrop.

The roof.
I LOVE old wood. It is so beautiful to me. 

The side of the stable.
These were made from actual old fence panels that we picked up at 
ReStore for a dollar each! (a while back, not knowing what we were gonna do with 'em)

 ...and the Manger.
Sweet and simple.
This wood came out of a 'throw-a-way' pile.

For the party, we will add straw, lights, and a baby [doll] (maybe).

I gotta show you the befores,
and some 'bloopers'!

My drawing to begin...

My way of sizing things up, on the ground, to figure out the dimensions.
We didn't want it true to life size, as it would be un-manageable to move it! 

Laying out the sides, to get a start.
And yes!  We used old rusty nails!!!

Terry working on the framing.

Then, of course when we were taking the photos:
 Our kitty, Ariel, was hanging around checking things out.
We had to 'scoot' her out of some of the pictures.
THEN, we decided, she must want to surely try out the manger?
Terry added her blanket...
But she ran helter skelter!!!

Here is the ONE photo we got of her,
lying there peacefully, for but a moment of time. 
This was after several attempts, we got her to stay still for a split second. 
See how blurry her tail is?  That's 'cause her tail is twitching because she is ready... to RUN! 
...and sure enough, a moment later she was gone.

 thank you my friends, for visiting.



  1. Danella - you have a great helper. I do my projects solo. I should be thankful - since that is how I learned to do things that used to be out of my comfort zone. The blog name is darling you have - you need to make the tree star I just made the other day - it's a Wooden Star! Have a fun week!

    1. Holly! Such FUN to see a note from you! I DID make it! Two of 'em. You'll see them soon! THANK YOU GIRL!