Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Menu Board

As promised, I am sharing a really cool project!
I don't know why, but I have plodded along with this project forever.
I first did it with some dark, but really one of my favorite papers...
But, it was just TOO DARK.
So I took it apart.
So, when my daughter took me along with her and the kiddos on a trip to Phoenix,
We took the opportunity to go to Scrapbooks, etc.
It has both scrapping stuff AND [to die for] fabrics!
We went there two days... (not all day, but several hours)
LUCKILY, I found some NEW paper that worked perfectly for my board.
They are by Authentique and Teresa Collins.

I did a bunch of looking and studying and thinking about what would work for ME.
One of the big things, was, it needed to be simple.
I'm not one for... oh... over-doing or over-thinking.
I really wanted one, 'cause I feel that it MIGHT help me get over the hump I'm at every day,
of trying to figure out, 'what's for dinner?'.

 It's simple and to the point.

The way it works:
The little envelope box at the top holds my recipe/menus that WE eat.
The lower envelope box holds blank 3x5's for me to write what
I need at the grocery store for the weeks menu's.
The clothespins at the left hold the week's menu choices (Monday- Sunday)
 (So every Sunday I'll make my choices for the week, then shop on Monday if I need to)
Other boards I have looked at included entire recipes ON the 3x5's, monthly plans, and alot of other 'stuff'... that just complicated it too much for me.

The 'board' was off of an old bathroom vantity, it's one of the doors!
I painted it and distresed it.
Then made typing paper patterns to fit perfectly in the recessed area.
Then, used those to cut the patterned paper to fit.
The 'boxes' I made, using sturdy duct tape to hold the sides.
Then, I covered it with the patterned paper!
The banner is from Heidi Swapp.
The flowers are old wood accents that I've had forever, but I re-painted 'em.
The 'menu' letters are from the Basic Grey chipboard letter sets.
I (spray) painted the clothespins, then hot-glued them in place.

Here is a close-up of the lower section:

Here is a picture of a 3x5 card that I have in the bottom pocket...
(it's my shopping list for what I need for the week's menus)

...and this is my Recipe Book that I keep most of my most-used recipes in!
I either take 'em out of recipe books, or re-type or write 'em up to fit.
It's easier for me, than hunting through too many books.
I have the board in an easy to see and reach place... 
On a wall space between the kitchen window and cabinet.
thanks for visiting!

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