Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UPcycle THAT!

Today's UPcycle THAT! is a really different one!
It's all about COLOR.
Our refrigerator, after a lot of different chirps, whistles and squeaks,
and shivers and NOT keeping our ice cream FROZEN...
finally made us go on a search for a different fridge!
Well, we just didn't have any money for a NEW one...
so we went on the search for a USED one!
And FREE was even better!
Terry lucked out... he was hired to do a job to put together
a big car shelter... and with that, the guy happened to have...
an 'old' (to him!!!) fridge he wanted to get rid of.
'well, we'll take it!!!!'
The fridge is [much] nicer than our old one...
and it worked great!
The one thing that would make me crazy...
(is anyone else out there like this???)
was that it wasn't gonna match... my stove???
Do we really care, when it's FREE?
Me? Yes.  So Terry said to me:
'Well honey, since you would take one of those cool old fashioned 
RED ones, why not paint this one???"
I thought... 'well, why not?  it's FREE'
And so I did!

Here's the [not a good color to me] original almond:
  Now, I was in a hurry (as usual)...
and didn't wanna prime (probably my mistake?)
So I taped all the stainless steel and water button panel off...
   Then, I opened the doors... and papered and taped off the inside.
I started at like 3am... 'cause I wanted to beat the heat.
I did this during the summer...
It took me hours... really, to do all the taping and painting!

Then, the painting.
I had SIX cans of RUST-OLEUM Gloss Protective Enamel
in Regal Red.
(Yes, I tested the color before I bought 'em all!)
Then, started spraying... and spraying... and spraying.
This was the HUGEST thing I've ever done!
...meantime, it was getting hotter, and HOTTER, and HOTTER!      
I went and ran outta paint!
And I wasn't quite done.
So I had to ZOOM to Sutherlands (about 20 min away)
and they didn't have enough... so I ZOOMED to Ace Hardware...
and finally got together another 4 cans.
Then zoomed back home, an hour or so later...
to continue my ordeal of spray painting!
By then, it was so HOT, I was so TIRED, 
(not to mention very sweaty)
and I was
But, it actually turned out quite nice!
    We had to take the doors off again, to get it back inside the house...
after letting it dry overnight.
And it did pretty good, coming in, but you can see a little scratch
in the photo above.
And we had one more small scratch on one side.
But overall...
it's awesome!
(but a little... sorta blotchy.. but not bad at all)
Guess what?
I LOVE it!
Anything to be different from everyone else!

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