Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year

It's 2013.
I can hardly believe it.
This, I hope, will be a year of changes for us.
We have some goals that we really hope to meet.
It will be a year of really hard work,
which to our (very unfortunately), older bodies... we will be pushing it!
[smiling here, ya know]

We live in Hereford, AZ.  It is right by Sierra Vista, AZ, 
which is just apx 20mi SW of Tombstone OR about 3hrs SE of Phoenix.
We are right by the Mexican border.
We are also about 4500ft elevation!
So, our weather changes quite a bit here... it's not all dry and hot.
Right now, to bring in the new year, we actually got SNOW!
...and 20+ degree weather...brrrrrr!
 Terry took some pictures New Year's Eve (morning time, tho)

This photo is my favorite.
We all know how much snow can transform a landscape...
But this... is just amazing to me... so beautiful and picturesque!
This is the gate into our property (Terry is on our side...)
Doesn't it look rustic and woodsy and welcoming???

This one is from our front porch.
This is what we see when we step out of our house.

...and here we are turning to the N a bit...
The swing??? Terry got it 'free' from a salvage job he did!  Cool, huh?

Just a few beautiful pictures...

There is just something wonderful about snow or ice encrusted branches.

Reminds me of HOME (Oregon)... with the covered branches and barbed wire.

Look at the wintry gray sky.
It was like this most of the day.

Here's Billy Bob, our beloved kitty... looking at the scene through the window.
Alas, he would NOT go outside!

We still have birds and critters coming around.
They must be fed!
Here is 'our' little hummingbird that Terry makes sure there is 'food' for everyday.
 (he even 'plays' with the little Santa Terry hung from the feeder)

Sadly, I had to go to work.
But as a fun farewell, this is what greeted me as I went out to the car!

 Cute, huh?
Life with Terry... well, it's a dream.

Happy New Year my friends!
Hope all your dreams and wishes and goals come true!


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