Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scrappy Saturday - Notepads!

I made these several months ago.
I actually made several more, but never got photos of them.
Dunno know why???
...and... they are ALL gone!  Gave each and every one of them away.
I know, I should'a sent one to my friends in Oregon, right???

There is a show on the internet I watch EVERY day.
It's called 'MY CRAFT CHANNEL'
(you can click on the title above and go right to the site)
I LOVE it!!!  Actually, somedays, I'm not super interested in something... that I may skip it.
BUT.  Besides the main show, there are episodes by other people
about everything from scrapping to decorating to vendors showing their wares
and blog authors sharing their fun ideas!
It's just FUN!

Since I'm in a town that has NOTHING, and I mean nothing, as far as 'fun' stuff...
it's really a great outlet for me!!!
On the show, is my favorite designer, Heidi Swapp.
On one of her older episodes, I actually sat down... hit the pause and go button,
and made the notebook!!!
It was so much fun.
Here is the link for the episode NOTEBOOKS
And here are four of my notebooks.
They are made from the small 5x8" notepads!

Yeah, I know... I used OLD papers and trims again!
But a girl has to use up her stash, right???
Then, some close-up details of the quick, but FUN embellies!
(some slightly blurry photos ahead, sorry)


This is quick and short! Gotta go... to work!
Love you all...and thanks for visiting!


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