Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who say's [old] girls can't have FUN?


When my hubs and I decided that we were gonna move to AZ...
it was a happy/sad day.
The sad part???
Leaving behind amazing FRIENDS.
I wish, as I look back, that ALL of us could'a done this...
it was the best of times.
(In retrospect... it is all about TIME. That elusive element that intrudes on our lives.
We just don't/can't seem to give up time to do something that we just might remember forEVER,
and never/ever regret that we did it.  It was sorta 'difficult' to come up with a date that we
could ALL get together ... for an overnighter.  But, it was so worth it.  Who, my friends,
can 'boast' of something like this?  MAKE THE TIME for fun, friends.  It's just too fleeting.)    
These girls are a group that got together for dinner on a regular celebrate one of our birthdays.
For several years we did this.
We yakked one time, and decided;
"Well, why not have a slumber party before Danella leaves?
Who says only KIDS getta do that?"
So we did it!  We all got together at my house up on the 'Mtn'.
(I lived near Mt. Hood in a town called Zigzag.)
To remember this slumber party forEVER...
I designed a little mini, and we EACH made this little album!
(I love Heidi Swapp... so I did it in her style too)
Without further ado... here it is!

 To my friends in Oregon:
I LOVE you!
Miss you terribly...
including all those that are not in the little album!
I will always and forever remember you.



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  1. Love it, and still have mine...and still have those pink PJ's .