Thursday, January 10, 2013

Up-cycle That!

I know today is Thursday.
But... I'm starting another 'regular' post:
'Up-cycle That!'
It will be every Wednesday.
Why do I do it??? 'Cause it motivates me to 'get 'er done'!!!

So... we have [Saturday's]  'Scrappy Saturday' 
and [Wednesday's] 'Up-cycle That!'

My hub's is amazing when it comes to being the 
ultimate 'honey-do man' that we all wish we had.
(me?  Well, I'm lucky enough to HAVE him!)
A friend of my daughter's hired him to do some 'honey-do' things at her house.
One of them was a severe 'leaning' pantry cabinet in her kitchen.
There were gaps between the cabinet doors, the walls, the floor...
She has beautiful solid oak cabinets... that have the ultimate organizers inside of them.
This big cabinet, besides having a severe leaning problem, 
 was also not meeting her needs, as she needed more room.
So Terry fixed the severe lean and gaps, and
took out the innards and made custom new shelving!
So... what to do with the [really cool] 'innards'???
This was TWO sections.. NO top or bottom.
Terry attached them together, and made the top and bottom sections:

Then, he made the doors. They are solid oak. He cut them and hand-sanded each one,
including hand-sanding the edges to get the nice curves.
 (we are not blessed with a machine sander, other than a palm)
They turned out absolutely beautiful.
Here they are drying from the finishing coats.

Then, after attaching the doors and knobs;
She has an awesome custom compartment cabinet!

thanks for visiting!
...and come visit next Wednesday for the next:
"Up-cycle That!"



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