Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Carving a Fox and a Wolf

Terry is a chainsaw woodcarver.
He has done all sizes of carvings, but one of his newer challenges is [really] SMALL.
He did not use a chainsaw for these.  He used a scroll saw and dremel.

He had an order for a wolf carved from a block of cherrywood supplied by the customer.

This is what it looked like (the block was 11" x 10" x 1 3/4")
The challenge was the thickness... not easy.
The photos will show the process:

 He actually did a practice piece first, which turned out to be more of a fox.

Since the first one came out looking more like a fox, 
he carved a second practice piece out of cedar to get it to be more of a wolf.
Then, when he did it with the actual cherrywood, he had the wolf down pretty good:

 And then, the customer wanted it oiled: (to highlight the cherrywood)

Finished, they are about 5.5" tall (the body only) x 10.5" length.

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danella and terry

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