Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UPcycle found things!

This UPcycle day is about THINGS that I have found that I have changed to fit ME!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the thrift stores and looking for:
candlesticks, boxes, plates, glass dome somethings, and more.
When I get home, I clean 'em up, sand 'em down and start painting and gluing!
Simple and fun!
If it can be done quickly and easily, it's for me.  
I always have a can of black and a can of white spray paint oh hand...
(I use RUST-OLEUM Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x)
Here is a photo of some more recent goodies:
...and the details:

This first one is one of my favorites.
The metal holder was black.  I painted it white, and distressed it.
The candle I had, it was old and white and dirty.
I simply covered it with some corrugated cardboard 
that came from some packing from work.  Yes! I save stuff all the time.
Then added the cute simple bow with some burlap ribbon that I had on hand.

This one was so easy too.
Simply painted a candlestick with white paint, and distressed it.
It's topped with the 'sister' to the candle that I have covered above!
I think I need to cover IT with some corrugated cardboard too!

This next one was a bit trickier.  I had the wood candlestick for awhile.
Like I said, I go to the thrift stores often, looking for certain items,
one of those is wooded candlesticks!
The top finial was the tricky one.
I finally found some at a woodshop...[yeah it's new]... that my hubs and I went to!
They weren't too pricey, so I got some in different styles.
Once I glued 'em together, on went the [spray] paint!
Then distressing.

This little candy vase is one of my favorites too.
It WAS a bowl with a plain wood lid that had an [ugly] wood knob on top.
I broke off the knob, sanded the lid, and spray painted it, and distressed it.
My darling daughter had a glass knob on hand which she gave to me!
I simply glued it on top and tied on the jute bow.
The candlestick base?
I, again, looking and gathering at the thrift stores, ALSO keep my eye open for the 
old-looking tarnished [silver or pewter?] candlesticks.
I glued one to the bottom of the jar with some E-6000.
SIMPLE, in-expensive, and SO CUTE!
I fill the jar with different items, following the seasons.
(Christmas it was tiny pinecones!)

The little box I have had for YEARS.
Never hardly used it. I went scouring around my house one day, looking for 'new' treasures.
It was stained a dark Americana stain.
I painted it white, distressed it, and VOILA!  A brand NEW box!

I fall for RED every time!
It's my FAVORITE color, hands down.
This little candle jar had a BLACK metal trim and handle.
It still has that same trim, except I took it off, and spray painted it WHITE!
Simple to do, and it fits ME so much better!

I found these two wood candlesticks a while back.  They, too were stained brown.
(Aren't they all???)
Again, a little white spray paint, a little sanding, and now I have some CUTE candlesticks.

I got this pretty bucket at Target last year in the DOLLAR section.
It was PINK.  Yep...
I like pink, but it's not for me.
So first, I painted it RED, then sprayed WHITE over the top!
Then lighted sanded it to just expose the red a wee bit.
Lovely, isn't it???

I've had this birdhouse for a long time.
It was in the GO AWAY box!  I was just tired of it, and it was washed out grey...
and I just didn't have anywhere for it anymore.
Well, my daughter suggested, 'why not paint it, mom?'
So I did!  And now I have it, and use it often!
It's kinda funny, I think.  We often HAVE things... and we move 'em here and there,
never really SEEING them.  It's hard, at times, to LOOK at them with a new light,
and re-discovered why we liked 'em enough to buy 'em the first time.
SPRAY PAINT does wonders.
I'm all about WHITE right now.
I'm really liking it, 'cause it goes with EVERY SEASON/COLOR,
and it allows me to mix in a few POPS of color!
So, I paint just about everything WHITE now.

This was an old/found cheese board/cloche.  I cannot remember what we called 'em?
I had another one, that I sold during the summer.
Then, got lucky and found another one, guess where???
(the thrift store, of course!  For just $1)
I had found the [silver] candlestick before... (I still have a few on hand!)
And again, simply sand, and paint.
Although, this time (and I think more often now) I first spray painted it BLACK.
Then white over the top.  I DO like the way the black looks peeking through the white.
E-6000 the candlestick to the bottom of the base... and
another CUTE accent!

And then, last, but not least.
My hubs did a 'clean-up' job for someone that was moving.
We find a LOT of treasures when he does those jobs!  They are the BEST!
The shutter was already white and aged.
It's a bit fragile... I had 3 more (that were coming apart alot more,
 gave 2 to my daughter who sprayed 'em blackish..
and used them for her Halloween decor!

I hope I've inspired YOU to start UPcycling!
It's fun and good for the EARTH.

thanks for visiting!

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