Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A new Header!

I thought it time (already) for a new header.
I tend to gravitate towards woodsey type looks.
Bright and happy looks are 'harder' for me.
My daughter tells me... 'ya gotta change your header mom!'
So, I worked on it
and worked on it
and finished it!
It's a wee bit 'brighter', but still...
not too cute?
My favorite part?
The newspaper print!
At first, I found newspapers on the web... and cut and pasted those.
Then, I thought... 'why not make my own?'
So I did!  I searched for the correct fonts... and copied the well-known ones... as headers for my own 'newspaper' clippings.
And added photos from my recent blog posts, along with 'news'.
I use Microsoft Office PUBLISHER for all my headers!
Hope you like it!
To remember the 'old' header, here it is:
and later... to 'remember' the 'new' one!

Thanks for visiting!

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