Saturday, February 9, 2013

FRESH Flowers!

I kinda knew I could arrange FRESH Flowers.
I hadn't done it in awhile...
So I was kinda ... sorta... unsure.
Right now, for two weeks, I'm 'helping out' in Floral at Fry's
for Valentine's Day.
Kinda fun, you know?
They gave me some flowers (outdated) to take home and PLAY.
Well, I couldn't pass that up!
I stopped at the local Goodwill store to find some vases...
I did these yesterday morning before work!
SO FUN!!!!  

The first one I did, was TULIPS and LILY'S

The next one, a traditional ROSE bouquet.
I gave it to my friend on the way to work in the morning!
Made me so happy to see HER so happy! 

The next one I used 'CRAZY DAISIES'.
I have a class coming up... UPcycling... and I wanted to cover some 
fun cans... party or wedding ideas... so picked out some paper
that went with the CRAZY DAISIES... and covered the cans!

And last, but not least.
MY favorite!
This is [what I call] an 'English Garden'.
I have always loved these!
I got the tin at Goodwill also... it was BRASS.
I painted it in the morning...
and used it... and pieces of floral foam I had on hand.
LOVE IT!!!    

It was such fun.
I'd forgotten how... creative... and cool flower arranging is.
When I worked at Craft Warehouse...
I would come up with 'IDEAS' about creative flower arranging
give it to my experts there...
Roseanne and Jennifer.
Now THEY were fabulous.
I miss them.

thanks for visiting!     

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