Monday, February 4, 2013

My Friend's 'to die for' CRAFTROOM!

My BFF in Oregon, KC...
has the most amazing EVER craftroom.
I used to hang out there before I left Oregon...
and it was incredible THEN.
But now?
She just sent me pictures...
and gave the OK for me to show YOU!
She has done a lot of work...
and she's over the top... like me... but MORE still!
And clean?  Oh my gosh... always!
The 'room' is a separate building from her house.
It's pretty good sized... I don't know for a  fact,
but I'd guess about 12 or 14 by 28?  When she corrects me, I'll share.
When I was there before, I loved it, 
cause we'd 'play' with the die cuts at their OWN station!
Yeah.  It was so cool!
And now... well it's even MORE cool, in that there are 'station's
for other tools, stamping, and such.
I WISH I could go there NOW.

At the very BACK of the room is:
the [two sided] WORK CENTER.
That means, that it works for TWO people playing...
facing each other, to share and laugh! 
I see tools at the ready on the two turntables. 
Yes, she is over the top organized...
There are several ribbon jars and lots of other jars with ? in them.
There is paper in paper holders off to the side; by color!, 
and I see RED lid jars at the top...not sure what's in them?
(but I sure do like 'em!)  

 ...and here it is, closer in.
Trust me, the cupboards have LOTS of fun goodies in them!

She LOVES to stamp, and it shows on the STAMPING CENTER!
And she loves to have and collect stamps!
I think her favorite are the Tim Holtz stamps, which I love too!
Do you see all the Tim Holtz Distress ink pads...
each with their own blender on the top???  
I WISH! are you swooning yet?
There's more... 
 This is the same area from the other direction.
The cupboards below have dies in them.
(Yes, Tim Holtz dies too!)

Do you love die cutting?...
Well, she has a DIE CUTTING CENTER!
 And it's to DIE for!
Lots of dies, and machines... you could play there all day long.
To the left, the drawers hold SCRAP PAPERS.  
 And to the left of the scrap paper storage is:
Drooling now?
I am... I'm chomping at the bit to GO... NOW.
We, before I left Oregon, worked hard for several days
to make and finish Tim Holtz' Christmas TAGS.
But, along with those, we made Halloween TAGS
using the same techniques.
I will share them later.
We are waiting, with the projects on hold til we meet again.
My KC PROJECT box, is full... and ready to go! 
And I tell you, I can't wait to get together with her again!
I miss her.
And love her!

Hope you enjoyed, and were inspired in some way from her

thanks for visiting,

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