Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UPcycle THAT! ~ Simple Decor

We all have cans, and more cans.
And glass jars, and still more!
We can re-cycle those, true.
And we do!
Sometimes, especially when one is short of funds,
or when one needs a LOT of something for say;
a party, or a wedding, or simple decor for whatever reason:
UPcycling can do it!
So here is another example of a simple, yet stunning, vignette!

The numbered jars should be filled with candy...
but what can I say?
We ate it all!
Time to get some more?
Everything you see in this picture, is UPcycled, even the shelf!

The shelf WAS dark green... got it at my favorite store,
Craft Warehouse several years ago.
It was in our home in Oregon, and fit.
But here?  Nope... so instead of donating it...
I re-painted it!  With my favorite thing to do:

Following are some details to help YOU 
be on your way to being an UPcycler!

These jars WERE salsa jars.
          To make 'em look NEW and cute:
Clean them well, and be sure to remove all the 'goo'...
HOT water works with a little elbow grease, 
but GOO GONE helps more!
Use E-6000 to glue knobs to the top of the lids.
Let dry, then spray paint with several coats. 
   I simply used the computer and Publisher (or WORD works too)
and found some numbers that I liked... made them the right size,
and converted them to OUTLINE, then printed 'em!
I cut 'em out with an exacto knife.
Sprayed the back with some 'Scrapper's Spray
(Basting Spray works too)
then pressed them in place on the glass.
Then I used Perm Enamel (or other glass adhering paint)
and stippled the numbers on.
[If you have access to a Cricut, you can alway cut 'em with vinyl too!]
Be sure to let them DRY for a day or so!

Tin Cans.
That we have plenty of!
I clean them well... and make sure there are no sharp edges!
I think I will start covering the top edge with colored Duck Tape?
There are TONS of wonderful, fun scrapbook papers out there.
Why hide 'em?  In a drawer? Or in a pile somewhere?
I adhered them with RED TAPE (forgot to include it in a photo)
       The one on the right, is an old dirty votive holder.
I wanted to use it... so I covered it with a FRESH CUTE paper! 
This one was BRASS.
ugh... and dirty, and very cheap at the Salvation Army store.
I cleaned it up.
 Is is CUTE, or what???

I used one of my favorite sprays:
RUST-OLEUM HAMMERED Paint & Primer in One,
and painted it!

 For the cute ribbon tie... I used some fun decor ribbon and:
HUG SNUG seam binding!
I LOVE that stuff!  It's kinda silky... AND:
you can spray it (I used Tattered Angel's here) any color you want!

 The finial is just simple and FUN.
 It is simply a [used] wood candlestick and a finial
(I purchased the finial at a wood supply store)
I glued 'em together, then spray painted it with
RUST-OLEUM Flat White.
I like the way the flat paint looks... for ME.
I always distress my things... I love the way it looks. 

There is a difference in them.
I like the embossed words... BUT
On some jars, the embossing is INward... instead of OUTward.
I ended up throwing a few away... after noticing that.
But this one worked!!!
      I tried something NEW on this.
I wanted to be SURE that the black paint underneath stayed on well.
That is 'cause I knew I was gonna sand it slightly.
So I used:    
RUST-OLEUM Automobile Primer.
It STUNK so bad.  UGH
BUT.  It worked GREAT!
So, yeah, I would use it again.
I discovered, that after a DAY of drying... the smell went away.
Thank goodness.
Then, after drying... I top-coated it with
RUST-OLEUM Flat White [of course!].
Then after it dried... gave it a light sanding.
And it didn't go thru to the glass!!! YIPPEE      

I had a lot of FUN making these!
And they were fast and easy to do.

As a bonus today...
my BFF in Oregon sent me these photos of two jars she did
using burlap... and inspired by my last posting of
UPcycle That
(If you click on 'posting', it will take you to the posting)  

If you look closely... you can see ALL the cute jars
she made in the background!
She really WENT TO TOWN!
Love it! 

thanks for visiting me!
I hope I've inspired you to begin your journey of
UPcyle THAT!


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