Monday, February 25, 2013

a Post Valentine's note!

This is just a short mini note!
My hubs is amazing.
He's so kind and loving and thoughtful.
I'm not a flowers and going out type of girl.
So this is what he did for me;
This was waiting for me when I came home from work that day.

 He hand-cut it... took him a few trys.
So sweet and thoughtful and simple.
Love him!

that's not all.
When it was close to Valentine's I told him:
'Ya know what I want for Valentine's?
I wish for our bikes to be outta the living room!'
Yep, we have stored them behind the couch forEVER!
And so he did.
He moved 'em out that day into this:   

Then over time, finished it up to this:
   Our house is weird, 'cause it faces backwards.
In other words, when you drive up you see the BACK of the house.
So my back door is my 'front' door.
No one ever sees the front of the house, which is this view.
Weird, huh?

Thanks for visiting!

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