Thursday, February 7, 2013

Simple Changes - A Chandelier

My darling daughter takes after me.
She too, lOvEs to CREATE!
I LOVE her!
She inspires me so much.
They recently bought a new-to-them house.
It's been a blast fixing it up!
Changing a LOT of it.
One of the really COOL, but easy things to do
was to update the chandelier.   
It was rather plain... and the shades were yellowish...

She is picky about color too (like me), 
and she has WHITE (not cream) in her decor.
So we were trying to decide what to do about the shades.
She said 'Mom, why not spray paint them white?'
She used RUST-OLEUM Flat White.
So she did!
Then, she found some really cute pleated RED ribbon trim.
I glued it to the shades for her, using... RED TAPE!
You can find RED TAPE at, just type in RED TAPE!
Then, she also added some hanging crystals...
and Ta Ta...     

 Can you believe it???
It has the SAME shades!

Hope this inspires you... 
and we LOVE spray paint!

thanks for visiting!

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