Friday, February 15, 2013

Provident Living 101 - UPcycle That!

It's UPcycle Wednesday... already!
(and now it's past Wednesday... actually it's FRIDAY)
(I worked 13 hours yesterday doing floral arrangements for
Valentine's Day for Fry's... tired? yes!) 

My friend Julianne and I taught a class Tuesday night called:
Provident Living 101
Fix it Up
Wear it Out
Make it Do
or Do Without  

Here are the displays we talked about:
 Julianne made the [black] book...
it was an old book that she got for FREE.
She painted it, and added the vinyl words:
'Fix it up,
wear it out, 
make it do,
or do without.'
The jars I've shown before;
they were for the Make 'n Take that night!

This display is Julianne's stuff she brought:
  The round wooded [spool] top she found FREE.
She cleaned it up, added the numbers...
she has just a bit further to go to finish a fabulous [huge] CLOCK! 
The teal bowl set you see is made from odds and ends...
Totally mis-matched before.
All painted the new color, and they make a beautiful display.
The wreath base is made from a pool tube she found for FREE.
She rolled up book pages... as scrolls,
and now she has the gorgeous unique one of a kind wreath!
Everything you see is UPcycled.

The next photo is my 'stuff' that's been UPcycled.
The chair I've had for 27 years... and we bought it from a yard sale!
It was covered at that time in a brown and orange floral...old stuff.
I took it apart, and made a new cover... a country blue.
The chair was still brown stain.
THEN, my daughter got the chair (it's a great rocker for babies!)
And SHE painted it the white, and distressed it!
When I came for a visit one time, I made another new cover...
this time, I just sewed it right over the top of the blue cover!
And's back in my house!
The lamp was from a friend, for FREE.
It was a BRASS lamp... I painted it with spray paint,
bought a new shade, and added the burlap ribbon trim and bow.
The little table from Craft Warehouse, was cream.
Spray painted it RED, and distressed it.
     The pillow, my daughter made from an old tablecloth!            
    I've posted about the table decor HERE.
The stool was raw wood... found cheap...
and spray painted...then I made a stencil using
Microsoft Publisher... (EASY), cutting out the letters,
and temporarily sticking down with Quilter's Basting Spray!
Then painted, yes, with spray paint!
Then I distress/sanded the heck outta it.  
The quilt, my daughter made from OLD TEE-SHIRTS,
from her hubs!   What better way to keep 'em???
The little red box I found at Salvation Army a while back,
I took out the innards, and now store our CD's in it!  
And, last.. need a quick riser?  Why not use a cleaned up log?
The birdhouse made from scraps... is sitting on one!  

From my house:
The TABLE was made from pallets!
Believe it or not!
Terry made it, I stained and painted it.
A bit of work, 'cause you gotta remove the millions of nails that are in pallets... Then you gotta sand the wood like crazy... 
BUT, it's FREE.
I used Holly's technique using petroleum jelly for the distressing.
You can check it out on her blog, 'Down to Earth Style' HERE.
( I LOVE her Blog!!!)
 The pallet piece on the top of the table is also from
one of her blog postings! (Click HERE to see hers)
  I loved it, so made one too! 
          Most of everything else I've posted about before on the link above, by Table Decor.
The metal star in the basket below was from a SET of three
that I got for a mere $3 from Fry's clearance!
They were painted like the American flag...
I re-painted them in WHITE, of course!
And the basket WAS brown stain, I re-painted it RED.
We use it for my hubs 'junk' at the table.
I wanted to show you a close-up of the CUTE little candleholder
I made from an old votive holder, a bit of burlap and...
one of those CUTE carved hearts that my hubs made!
See his carved wooden hearts HERE.
This is from my house too!
(I know I'm crazy... but I nearly emptied the house!) 
 The table is from pallet wood also.
I dry-brushed this table with 'tole' painting paint, after staining it.
It used to be taller, like the red one.
I thought I wanted a tall dining room table... with tall chairs.
But after trying it out... we decided it wasn't for us.
So, my hubs cut the legs down!
Right now it serves as our [tiny] dining room table.
It will be a 'normal' sized table soon... we are adding 2x4's or 2x6's
to the top... making a plank table top... and adding a few more elements... you will see it soon! 
The chair is one of four... that were FREE chairs from
Salvation Army.  They are IKEA natural wood chairs.
I painted 'em black, then white, then distressed 'em and sealed 'em.
Then made cushions for the seats. 
      ALL the goodies were purchased from various
re-sell stores throughout town, exept for the covered CAN.
I use the CAN for receipts that used to clutter the counter and drawers!  I simply hot-glued scrapbook paper to the can... added trim and a cute burlap flower I made!  
The cute little bowl on the bottom shelf is a recent find...
I held onto it until I could find a SHORT candleholder... 
when I did, I painted it RED, and used E-6000 to glue it to the bowl. 
 (I primed it first, as it was ceramic)
Most of the goodies got coats of my favorite RED spray paint!
(RUST-OLEUM Colonial Red)
The MENU sign I've posted about before, HERE.
And last, but not least...
my final display. 
This 'stuff' is in my Craft Room.
I found the various wicker office supplies at various times.
They were all natural...and I painted 'em all white!
I'm still sorta looking for more wicker!
The supply holders are made from tin cans.
Before, I had my tools and pens in these:
    I liked 'em sorta for awhile.
But my ROOM has gone through a metamorphasis over time.
First it was navy blue and pink.
Didn't work... at all... just not ME.
  Dumped the pink.
Then navy blue and white... thus the blue mug supply holders.
Then, I received some cool metal boards...
couldn't decide on a color... then tried RED.
Well, RED makes me HAPPY.
(and my daughter suggested it to me!)
It's my favorite color... and I dunno, I just like it around me.
I LOVED my RED magnet boards!!!
So we built an entire display around them.
(I will show it to you on a later posting)

So then... I decided I didn't like the navy blue anymore.
And went to BLACK.
Black and Red. (and white!)
Now... I [think] I'm happy!
So... I needed to cover some CANS to show how cute they CAN be.
(pun intended?)
So I decided to cover cans for my ROOM
         So, are they CUTE or what???
Yeah, I know, one doesn't have anything in it... but it will, trust me.
   I also found the little wood box (forgot the original color) and painted it with chalkboard paint.  It holds all my sanding stuff.
 My favorite is the buttons down the front!
They had to be there to cover the fact that
I didn't cut my paper long enough :[
  So, now I'm done with that for awhile.
Do you believe me?
The last thing I wanted to show you is this:
    YOU can cover an ugly, dirty old candle.
So easy and quick to do, and it looks so much better!
The little 'flower' on it?
A while back, I ordered a book on a blog...
Elizabeth Kartchners  '52 More Scrapbooking Challenges'
and SHE included this little fabric/paper flower in the order!
How sweet was that?
Cute, huh?
So, thanks for visiting!
I hope I can inspire you!


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