Wednesday, February 27, 2013

UPcycle Wednesday - What you can do with a Shirt!

 I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time.
My daughter and I made a trip to Phoenix a while back;
and there, we went to Scrapbooks, Etc.
They had a darling tablerunner made with burlap and fabric ruffles.
Mine is similar... not totally like their's.
Believe it or not;
the ruffles are made from a [$1.50 Salvation Army] man's shirt 
and a [$2.50 Salvation Army] cute girl's mini skirt! 

 It was my daughter's idea to use the 
shirt with the black graphics on it!
And she found the red ruffled mini skirt!  
We really loved the red polka dot embroidered ruffles! 
It was really hard to cut the mini skirt up, it was so cute.
I simply had to cut the top band off... about 4".
( before photos...what was I thinking?)

I simply sewed the [white] shirt onto the underskirt of the 'mini'.
Finished off all of the seams.
Pretty easy.

     I decided to completely line the burlap.
So it's just sewn right sides together, with the ruffles in the middle.

And yes, there are ruffles on both sides of the tablerunner.

Do you love the dishes?
They are my everyday dishes.
And almost ALL of them were on a super clearance at Fry's.
(It's a part of Kroger Co., like Fred Meyer)
    I guess it's one way I'm 'lucky' to work there,
I can watch for the super clearance markdowns!

  The white plates, the ramekins, and the silverware
were all super clearance... like .49 for the plate.
and $3 for the SET of red silverware.
Yeah, pretty crazy.
I've gotten them over the years I've been there.
The polka dot bowls are from the dollar store.
And the 'dipped' cups were on sale.... but not 'super'. (darn!)

   The table is super small.
It was an island... but we decided we didn't like it.
So my hubs cut the legs short.
We got rid of the glass top table we had...
and this table is eventually gonna be:
a farm table...ALL UPcycled!
Wish it would happen soon.
We will see!
thanks for visiting!
(and I made it... got it posted on Wed... whew!)


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