Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UPcycle That! - salvaged store racks

Several weeks ago, the store where I work was gonna throw out
a wire calendar rack.
I asked if I could buy it.
It was a mere 25 cents.
I had it stuck in my craft room for several weeks...
trying it out with paper, to see if it would work.
The biggest problem was it neccitated a BIG overhaul of the room.
I just have too much stuff
even though I de-junked the end of summer last year.  
So, it was coming to a head... and I finally decided what to do.
My cute little, as yet un-finished, sewing table got moved!
It went into the third bedroom, where I actually like it better!
I don't feel so closed-in.
Then, I had to move other stuff around a bit...
AND clean up a HUGE mess.
But finally...I was done at the end of the day. (Monday)
My hubs and I planned how to make the rack work better...
I needed it to SPIN.
I happened to have a spinner plate from an old toy on hand!
(that's why we SAVE stuff, right???)
My hubs cut a discarded piece of plywood...that was green,
into the size we wanted, and then I painted it black.
Then, yesterday, in the morning before I went to work
(started work at 9:15am)
we drilled holes in the board... (a bit difficult to line 'em up right)
Took out the bolts/feet and put 'em through the holes in the board,
and right into the rack!
Then, we needed to 'test' it to make sure it would balance
on the spinner right.
So we used... ahhhh...
believe it or not;
Pop-Up Glue Dots!
They work awesome for projects that need temporary tough gluing!
I loaded the paper back into the rack... 
and it works!!!!
I LOVE it!
I took all the paper I had in drawers, which I didn't really like there...
and put 'em into the rack.
First, I had to use some heavy cardboard that I had on hand,
to cut and fold 'holders' for the paper, 
as a lot of the scrap paper is small pieces.
But, it works great!

I have projects that I want to SEE...
and DO...
So those are right there in front of me all the time.
(The layout you see, is from my BFF in Oregon, KC!
LOVE love love it!)    
 Here's a picture of the bottom base.
OOPS... a footprint! Funny, you can't see it in 'real',
but you sure can with the camera! 

Looks like I paid a pretty penny for it, huh?
I'm wondering if one could ask at stores...
'when you're gonna throw it away, can you call me first?'
Push the 'you're filling up the landfills' angle?

One other quick item:
You can see a bit on the left side of the rack, along the wall...
a set of wall racks.
Those too, came from work, from one of my friends there!
I must be getting a rep' of liking this stuff!
She gave 'em to me... they were just plain silver metal.
I spray painted 'em black...
hung 'em up...
and they are PERFECT for smaller items.
They are not FULL of the 'stuff' yet, but they will be!
Thanks for visiting!
Hope I've inspired you!


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