Sunday, February 10, 2013

What can you do with a HEART?

Valentine's Day is coming soon.
Yes, hearts!
All shapes and sizes.
All hand made from wood by my hubs!
All cedar, some aromatic cedar.
Don't you love them???
I do!

So. The question is:
"What can you do with a heart?"

Put them in a bowl and you have a:
'Bowl full of Hearts' 
Put one in a jar and you have:
'You've captured my HEART'  

Add one inside a frame by itself or in a grouping and you have:
'I LOVE my Family'  

Add one to your vignette and remind others that
'LOVE lives here' 
  the romantic details:

 Add a magnet to one, and put it on your fridge 
and your family will know:
[Yes, I have a RED fridge, see it HERE]

Add one to a critter in you house, and you have:
'My HEART beats for you'

Add a bunch inside a vase with a lid and you have:
'Take a HEART, my love'
 The details:

And, add one to a pretty shelf, and you have:

And capture a bunch together in a frame and you have:
'A Frame full of HEARTS'

You can do a lot with a heart.
ONE lucky person will win one.
Just leave a comment saying which heart YOU would LOVE 
 by February 12 2013, 7am MST.
and we will mail it that day, and hopefully you might have it
  for Valentine's Day.  
(sorry, no guarantee that you will receive it by Feb. 14 and no international

The hearts vary in price from $5 to $35 each.
Each one is HAND MADE from cedar, aromatic cedar, pine, and mesquite.
Each one is a ONE OF A KIND original.

thanks for visiting!


  1. I LOVE them! Especially the red puffy heart with the slightly to the left bottom point. Where are you selling these? Or how to buy?


    1. Hi Angel! I'm working on getting them on ETSY... I will let you know when it is done and ready to go. Thanks for all your ... interest and support!

  2. I love them all...anyone you send would be great!!


  3. {LOVE} l<3ve love!!! Great post! Which one, which one?!? Ummmm....RED!

    Hugs, girlie! Love and misses!!!!

  4. We too love them all! We love and miss you two, too.
    Larry and Donna

  5. I love the heart that lets me know I'm loved !
    Sharon Perry

  6. Love them, how can you not, they were made with love,,, love and miss you..

  7. I did a RANDOM NUMBER generator... and ANGEL is the WINNER! CONGRATS girl... send me your address, and I'll ship it! THANKS for playing my friends!

  8. Beautiful, Angel also loves hearts and she just became a new grandmother.congrats Angel...